Celebration Time: What Jewelry do I Wear to What?

Statement Jewelry for Women from Filippo Loreti

Get ready to be the best-dressed guest at every occasion with our guide to what jewelry to wear for what celebration. 

So you have a wedding coming up? Or you’re getting ready to graduate and need something suitable for the ceremony? Choosing jewelry to wear during these landmark life events can be tricky. But at Filippo Loreti we have a stylish selection of jewelry that will be suitable for any of these occasions. These days, when it comes to jewelry, it is much less about attention-grabbing and much more about finding the pieces that will stand the test of time. So with that in mind, we have created a jewelry buying guide that will ensure you’re always wearing the right jewelry for every occasion. 

Statement Jewelry for Women from Filippo Loreti

Jewelry for Birthdays

It doesn’t matter if it’s a sweet 16th or a 60th birthday party you’re celebrating, birthdays are a great excuse to get dressed up. And getting dressed up would never be complete without some beautiful jewelry. 

Sweet 16 jewelry should be fun and youthful but also something timeless that they can wear for many years to come. Some timeless studs like our Greta earrings will stand the test of time as well as a necklace like Diana. 

Jewelry for a woman’s 50th birthday should be equally youthful and timeless. By the age of 50 you will have established a personal style that you like to stick to, so always choose something that complements the rest of your jewelry. Wear something statement-making like the Kay necklace which will show how confident you are. 

Kay Gold Necklace for Women

If it’s a present you’re looking for and you want to buy some birthday jewelry for your wife, have a quick look in her jewelry box before you make any decisions. Take a look at what color she usually wears and then choose a gold or silver piece depending on her usual preference. Choosing some birthday jewelry for her will make a thoughtful and meaningful gift that she’ll wear year after year. 

Jewelry for Weddings

Whether you’re the guest, the bride, or the maid of honor, at Filippo Loreti we have a selection of jewelry that will suit every taste. 

If you’re a modern bride looking for something that will make a statement, try our wedding costume jewelry and choose something like our Equality earrings. 

Equality Gold Earrings for Women

More traditional brides will love our simple wedding accessories that will look amazing with whatever dress you choose. The Mia necklace is perfect with strapless gowns and sweetheart necklines thanks to the drop pendant. 

If you’ve asked your best friend to be a bridesmaid and want to show her how grateful you are, our affordable bridesmaid jewelry sets make the perfect gift. The Ivy necklace is a perfect example of a maid of honor jewelry that she can wear on the big day.

Ivy Silver Necklace for Women


As a guest at a wedding, you want to look classy and sophisticated but you don’t want to take any of the attention away from the bride. For this reason, when you’re choosing your wedding guest jewelry it’s best to go for something understated. We love the simplicity of hoop earrings like our Sophia earrings which will look chic and stylish but never over-the-top. 

Jewelry for Graduations

Besides weddings, graduation jewelry is probably the most important jewelry you’ll ever choose. Photos from your graduation will be hung up in your home and choosing something perfect for the occasion will ensure you love your photos as much as you can. 

If it’s your college graduation coming up, choose some jewelry from our Muse Collection. All the pieces are named after female icons who have made an impact on the world, so every time you wear it you’ll be reminded of your own personal achievement. We love the Claudia hoop earrings. 

Younger fashionistas might be after some 8th-grade graduation jewelry and buying something classic now will mean it will last long after school finishes. A ring like Vittoria is a meaningful but subtle way to congratulate her.

Vittoria Silver Ring for Women

If it’s a gift you’re after and want to find some graduation jewelry for your daughter, at Filippo Loreti we have a selection of pieces that will make the perfect congratulatory present. The motivation necklace is stylish and cool and will motivate her to keep going. 

Jewelry for Bachelorette parties

Bachelorette parties are some of the most fun you’ll ever have, so you need some playful jewelry to match the occasion. The Joy necklace will be the perfect addition to your bachelorette party outfits and you’ll wear it season after season afterward.


Necklace Joy Gold for Women

If your maid of honor has organized your party, it might also be nice to treat her to a little gift to say thank you. 

Jewelry for Engagements

So you’ve been given your jewelry engagement ring, and now comes the big engagement party. You will want to let your beautiful new ring be the center of attention, but you might also want to treat yourself to some new jewelry to compliment the new addition to your fingers. For this occasion, it doesn’t need to be bridal fashion jewelry, it can be a lot more fun and trendy. Our Awe earrings in gold are simple and classic but still have a fashion-forward edge. The perfect addition to an engagement party outfit. 

Awe Gold Earrings for Women

Premium jewelry from Filippo Loreti is the perfect way to update an outfit and give your looks an instant boost. So whatever occasion you have coming up, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or a graduation, take a look at our jewelry collection for some very stylish inspiration.