3 Green Watches on St. Patrick’s Day - Filippo Loreti

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to get a green watch. In honor of the great Irish Saint, we check out 3 stunning and affordable examples from Filippo Loreti. While it’s still too early for traditional St. Patrick’s Day festivities down at the local pub, there are plenty of alternative ways to channel a little of that shamrock spirit.

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Venice Moonphase Leather Strap Watch from FIlippo Loreti

Good leather watch straps don’t ignore fashion styles, they create them. Italy has the kind of enduring designs, premium quality, and traditional methods that make their leather stand out from the crowd.

Get a wearable look that takes you from day to evening just by changing out leather watch bands from Filippo Loreti. Everything you want to know about leather straps right in this article.

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3 Green Watches to Add to Your Collection Today

Collecting watches is a deeply personal hobby that can be driven by any number of needs and emotions. From simply having a few cool and good-looking timepieces that you like, to very specific collections based on things like a certain brand, style, investment potential or history, your watch collection is something that can bring a lifetime of joy and satisfaction that can be handed down over generations. 

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Watches for Couples for Valentine’s Day
This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make a memory that will last forever, a lasting reminder of you and your partner’s enduring love. The gift of time! Filippo Loreti has a huge range of tasteful and striking designs to choose from, creating endless possibilities for the ideal couple’s match up. 
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