Your Ultimate Watch Styling Guide: 7 Things You Need to Know

Ascari Two Tone Black Rose Watch For Men Online

Ascari Two Tone Black Rose Watch For Men Online

1. You’re a sports guy

You like the added details. A watch that keeps the time, date and day of the week with cool sub-dials and a chiseled, chunky, masculine case like Ascari Grand Prix GP 1953. Don’t forget plenty of rugged good looks. Wear with moto sport leathers, jeans, and a vintage T-shirt, or those new boxers your girlfriend just bought you.

Ascari grand prix GP 1953 watch for men online

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2. You’re a 9-5 suit guy

You want a classic watch that goes from the boardroom to the local pub where they serve the best wings and you can hang out with your buds. A modern, yet minimalist timepiece that roars sophisticated understatement as Venice Moonphase Silver watch. With a suit and silk tie, you’re the just-about-to-be-promoted executive. With cargo pants and an Italian V-neck sweater, you’re so cool, it almost hurts.

Venice Silver Automatic Watch For Men Online

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3. You’re an engineer/geek guy

How it looks is important to you, but how it works is just a tad more crucial. How things operate, it’s what you do. So a Filippo Loreti Automatic Series timepiece will make your heart beat along with your watch, especially Venice Automatic Gold Blue watch with Italian leather strap. Because wearing this style of watch actually is what “winds” it. The precision mechanics required to produce such a fine automatic timepiece are breathtaking.

Venice Rose Gold Blue Automatic Watch For Men Online

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4. You’re a surfer dude

You work hard and you surf harder. You dream about those beautiful mornings of dawn patrol. And when you’re riding the crest, you’ll need a water-resistant watch as tough as you are. Enter the Filippo Loreti Okeanos Collection, especially Okeanos White Steel with Blue Camo strap. Hanging onto the deck of your board, you can be sure of one thing. Your timepiece will remain in perfect condition. Now let’s hope the waves will do the same. You are stoked.

Okeanos Silver Camo watch for men online

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5. You’re a day trader

Sitting in front of the screen all day is not an easy way to make a living, but you are a master of calculations and you make it look easy. You don’t mind that most people don’t get what you do or how you do it. You go with your gut feelings, so of course, you choose a Filippo Loreti Odyssey Two Tone Green Link 2020 Edition with green dial, (the color of money!)

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link Watch For Men Online

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6. You’re a sales pro

You know what things cost and what they sell for. You make your living understanding this. So when a premium watch manufacturer comes along that cuts out the wholesalers, distributors, and retailers and can sell you a $1000.00 fine timepiece for just over $200.00, that’s music to your ears!

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link Watch For Men Online

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7. You’re all of the above

Nothing is black or white, switched on or switched off. Either are people defined by the jobs they do or the brand of jeans they wear. We are a complex breed and have so many interests, passions, and desires. A finely crafted, yet still inexpensive Filippo Loreti timepiece as Venice Moonphase Black Gold with mesh strap will suit your lifestyle on so many levels. The hard part is deciding which one you want to take home

Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh Watch For Men Online

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