The Importance of Wearing a Watch

The Importance of Wearing a Watch - Filippo Loreti

With luxury watch sales thriving and more men expressing themselves by wearing a watch that suits their style, it’s clear that wearing a watch is still as attractive and important as ever. But why? Let’s look at some reasons for the enduring popularity of the wristwatch, and check out a few luxurious, yet affordable examples by Filippo Loreti.

Ever since the first mobile phones went mainstream, people have been predicting the rapid demise of the wristwatch. In many ways, it made sense - who really needs to be wearing a watch when the time, date, and much more are easily accessible from one's pocket at all times? 

Faced with the unstoppable tide of technological progress, the humble wristwatch seemed to be destined to go the way of the fax machine, the minidisc player, and the floppy disk. And there wasn’t a thing that anyone could do about it. 

But how wrong those people were! Fast forward a few years and it’s clear to see that wristwatches are as popular as ever, with men appreciating their timeless style, convenience, and functionality. 

Affordable Luxury by Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loreti is playing a large part in the enduring popularity of the watch by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Watches, like all luxury goods, are traditionally overpriced, with retailers adding huge markups as part of their branding and marketing activities. Luxury watches have become status symbols for the ultra-wealthy, and the prices have grown to reflect that. 

However, those days are over thanks to Filippo Loreti’s innovative direct-to-customer model. Now, you can get yourself a beautifully crafted, limited-edition watch delivered directly to your door, cutting out the middleman and all those unnecessary added costs. With a huge range of different styles and colors to choose from and a 10-year warranty for peace of mind, it’s never been easier to invest in the perfect watch for everyday wear or even start a collection. 

Still not convinced that you need a watch in this day and age? Let’s look at 5 reasons why watches are still an integral part of every man’s style, and review some affordable Filippo Loreti watches that prove it.

Watches Make a Statement

Men’s options when it comes to fashion are somewhat limited - while women have a range of accessories to choose from, men express themselves mainly by what’s on their wrists. Depending on what kind of watch he chooses, a man can show that he is elegant and sophisticated, rugged and individualistic, sporty and adventurous, and more. 

Men with a collection can mix and match with different outfits depending on the occasion, or choose a multi-functional style that can easily adapt to various situations with a simple change of strap. Ask any woman “is wearing a watch attractive?” and she’s guaranteed to say yes!

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1953 Men's Luxury Watch

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The Ascari Grand Prix GP 1953 is a perfect example of a statement watch, with retro chronograph features and a classic gold/black color combination. Named after the legendary Italian driver Alberto Ascari, this beautiful racing watch is elegant enough for formal occasions and business meetings, but add an Italian leather or rubber strap and it immediately takes on a more active, sporty style. 

With an artistic engraving of Ascari’s Championship-winning Ferrari on the case back, you couldn’t ask for more from a statement timepiece. The Ascari perfectly encapsulates a period of vintage motorsport, when fearless racers risked their lives for Championship glory in iconic cars and glamorous locations. 

Watches Are Convenient

Sure, your phone is in your pocket, but the act of taking it out and looking at the screen isn’t always practical, especially in situations like driving, in meetings, or during a conversation with someone. 

A quick glance at your watch is easier, safer, and more polite than constantly reaching for your phone to check the time. Also, how many times have you pulled out your phone just to check the time, and found yourself distracted by other notifications and random scrolling? Modern smartphones are like digital vampires, draining you of your precious attention, so having a watch is a great way to keep your phone stashed away quietly in your pocket until you actually need it.

Consider a Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh for stylish convenience. This cultured watch is inspired by The Floating City, complete with engraved artwork of the iconic Basilica di San Marco on the case back, and is ideal for travels, formal settings, and everyday wear. 

Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh Men's Luxury Watch

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The functional, yet elegant dial gives plenty of information from a quick glance, from the current position of the moon to the day of the week, the date of the month, and the month of the year, meaning that you can stay up-to-date without having to reach into your pocket. 

Watches Have a History of Craftsmanship

In a throwaway world of cheap, endlessly replaceable goods, quality watches remind us of the times when things were made with love, and built to last. 

Watchmaking has a rich history of skilled craftsmanship that dates back hundreds of years, a combination of incredibly precise engineering and fine art that is rarely found anymore. Many watch owners appreciate this deep cultural connection and its roots in our relationship with time, and it explains why most high-end timepieces still feature the classic mechanical movements which have been improved and refined over time. 

Nowhere is this more apparent than the automatic movement, which gives the traditional spring-based mechanism a self-winding capability (powered by the movement of the wearer’s arm) and resolves the hassle of manual winding every day. 

The Eterno Gilded Ash Link is one of Filippo Loreti’s most elegant and affordable automatics, with a vintage, understated design that’s ideal for formal wear and those who like wearing a watch with a suit. 

Eterno Gilded Ash Link Men's Luxury Watch

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Tasteful silver and gold colors highlight a clean, clear dial, with a date window the only added complication necessary for this beautiful, yet functional timepiece. A 41-hour power reserve keeps the complex mechanism ticking even after you’ve taken it off, ensuring accurate and reliable performance at all times. Ideal for watch lovers looking to add an affordable automatic to their collection, this new release by Filippo Loreti is sure to become a best-seller.

Watches are Functional 

Many modern watch styles were born from functional needs, with military, aviation, underwater exploration, and racing providing the inspiration for the types of watches we choose to wear today. Wearing a gold watch isn’t always the best option - sometimes we need something more rugged. 

With features such as chronograph timers, rotating bezels for precise timekeeping, luminous hands for a night and underwater use, and much more, watches can reliably provide useful information for much longer than any electronic device, as they are often self-powered or operate on a small amount of energy from a battery. 

The Okeanos Blue Steel Link is the perfect example of this, a functional but beautiful dive watch that is just as effective in the ocean as it is in the office. Water-resistant up to 100 meters, with a rotating bezel and luminous features, this tough watch is ideal for outdoor adventures, but its sporty looks could just as easily pair with everyday casual or business wear. With an on-trend blue face and elegant stainless steel link bracelet, this watch is perfect for the active, yet fashion-conscious gentleman who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Okeanos Blue Steel Link Men's Luxury Watch

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Watches Make a Great Investment

Whether as a trusted companion to last you a lifetime, to pass down to the next generation, or even to sell one day for a tidy profit, watches are fantastic for holding sentimental and economic value.

Of course, if you’re looking to increase the monetary value of your watch over time, you should look for limited editions - those that have a rare feature or were released in small amounts in a certain year, for example. Be sure to care for your watch by taking it for service now and then to keep it in top condition. With proper care, your watch can easily last for decades or even hundreds of years, providing immense value for future generations. 

Here, we turn to the Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition, a limited edition version of one of Filippo Loreti’s all-time best sellers. This advanced chronograph is well-known for its Riviera style - it was inspired by the style and sophistication of Italy’s northern coastal region. With turquoise coves, pastel seaside towns, fast cars, and expensive yachts, the Riviera lifestyle is truly iconic, and nothing captures this better than the all-silver elegance of this special Odyssey edition. 

 Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition Men's Luxury Watch

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Word has it that there are only a few of these collector’s items left, so if you’re looking to invest in a watch that will only increase in value, now is the time to get one before it’s too late!

Wrap up

It’s clear - wearing a watch is still extremely popular and is now more important than ever! With men becoming more open to expressing themselves becoming part of a culture that has thrived for hundreds of years, it’s no surprise that they are turning to affordable luxury watches to make a statement.

For these watches and many more, check out the full collection over at Filippo Loreti, and score yourself a stylish timepiece today!