The Charm of Wearing Fashionable Watches

The Charm of Wearing Fashionable Watches

Despite their declining practical purpose, fashionable watches have a charm and sophistication that’ll never be replaced by any smartphone or electronic device. Let’s discuss why you should still consider wearing a watch in this day and age, and check out 5 stunning examples by Filippo Loreti.

Why wear a watch in this day and age? I mean, we all carry phones right? Phones that are always with us and don’t only tell us the time, but give us access to entertainment, news, communication, and pretty much the entirety of human knowledge, right there at our fingertips.

Fashionable Watches from Filippo Loreti

How can a watch possibly compete with that? 

In purely practical terms, it simply can’t. But fashionable watches have one thing in buckets that smartphones don’t and probably never will - charm. The best fashionable watches have rich histories and stories to tell. They’ve been worn by cultural icons of fashion and film, and are able to give interesting insights into the wearer’s personality. 

Men are still wearing watches as much as they ever did because they’re attractive, interesting, and make them look good. In this article, we’re going to look at three reasons why you should still be wearing a watch in 2021, and check out some stunning examples of fashionable watches for men by Filippo Loreti. 

Three Great Reasons To Wear a Watch

1. Convenience

Sure, phones are usually pretty accessible - most of us keep them in our pockets. Despite this, it’s still much easier and more elegant to have a quick glance of the wrist rather than digging around in our pockets, especially in formal settings like meetings and dinner dates. 

Phones also command our attention much more than a watch does, so when you do take it out of your pocket, the chances of you getting distracted increase dramatically. Your watch is stylish, practical, and keeps you focused - what more could you ask for?

2. Watches Are Beautifully Engineered Works of Art

High-quality fashionable watches are made by master craftsmen in a tradition that goes back for centuries. You’re not only wearing a watch, but you’re also wearing the result of countless hours of dedicated and skilled work that has a direct connection to a proud heritage.

Mechanical and automatic mechanical watches are powered by a complex interplay of hundreds of tiny components that work together in perfect harmony to keep your watch ticking without the need for any external power source. Watch lovers appreciate the intricate beauty of their timepiece’s inner workings, as well as the artistic design that goes into its exterior.

3. Watches Show Your Personality

Your choice of watch can say a lot about who you are. Are you an active, sporty type of guy? Show the world with a colorful dive watch. Prefer a more quiet, conservative lifestyle? Consider an elegant dress watch. Love travel and culture? There’s a vintage aviator out there that’s just perfect for you. 

You can mix and match your style for different occasions by curating a collection of watches. New watchmakers like Filippo Loreti have shaken up the industry by introducing the concept of ‘affordable luxury.’ This means that a stunning collection of luxury watches is now an accessible goal for the regular guy. Throw in a whole range of different strap types, colors, and special, limited editions, and it’s never been easier to find the perfect match for your unique personality.

5 Stunning Fashionable Watches for Men By Filippo Loreti

So we’ve established that fashionable watches aren’t going anywhere, and are as desirable as they ever were. 

In fact, now that the myth that a great watch needs to be ridiculously expensive has been firmly busted, everyone can now enjoy the vintage charm and functionality that a fashionable watch brings. 

But where to start when looking for your perfect fashionable watch? Let’s check out five of our favourites.  

1. Ascari Monza Two Tone Black Gold Steel Men's Watch

Ascari Monza Two Tone Black Gold Steel

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The Ascari is one of Filippo Loreti’s flagship collections, a sporty racing watch inspired by one of motorsport’s true legends. 

Alberto Ascari was the first driver to win back-to-back World Championships, driving his Ferrari to the title in both 1952 and 1953. The Ascari Monza pays homage to his achievements in a truly Italian style, mixing the elegance of a two-tone gold and silver case with a complex, racing-inspired dial. Flip it over and you’ll even find a stunning engraved artwork of Ascari’s iconic Ferrari on the case back!

This watch is ideal for the active man with a taste for the technical, but who also enjoys the elegance that a gold and silver watch brings.

2. Odyssey Two-Tone Green Link Men's Watch

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link watch

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Green watches are the biggest trend in fashionable watches right now, with the biggest brands releasing some stunning examples. 

Filippo Loreti is no different, giving us this gorgeous green version of their original classic, the Odyssey. Inspired by the Riviera lifestyle, the Odyssey Two-Tone Green Link is the epitome of Italian design. Featuring a sporty green dial with three chronograph hands, its natural ruggedness is offset by elegant silver and gold details, with tasteful touches such as an engraved crown and case back lending an even more luxurious feel.

Perfect for the fashionable man with a love for the finer things in life, this on-trend and affordable watch makes the stylish elegance of Italian design available to all.

3. Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh Men's Watch

Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh Watch

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From the Riviera, we head across Italy to another jewel in the Italian crown - Venice. The Floating City is a masterpiece of engineering and design, and the Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh is just the same. 

This complex timepiece features day-of-the-week, date-of-the-month, and month-of-the-year wheels, as well as the gorgeous moon phase complication that the Venice has become known for. Regularly compared with watches in the $1000+ price range, this award-winning design is perhaps Filippo Loreti’s clearest example of affordable luxury! 

Coming in cool, all-black colors, this watch is perfect for the cultured, sophisticated man who loves to travel and explore. Packed with details and information, it is at once convenient, beautifully engineered, and full of personality!

4. Eterno Blue Diver Men's Watch

Eterno Blue Diver Watch

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The Eterno is Filippo Loreti’s newest collection and was originally inspired by a true legend of the watchmaking world, the Polerouter. The Polerouter was created in the early 1950s to celebrate the first commercial flight over the magnetic North Pole, cutting travel time between Europe and the West Coast USA by 14 hours. It has since become a cult classic, inspiring many new designs with its retro elegance. 

The Eterno Blue Diver is a different take on the classic aviator, bringing its vintage vibes to a diver style instead. Featuring a fine Italian leather strap and a minimalist design, this blue beauty is perfectly evocative of early James Bond - think Sean Connery’s diving scene in Thunderball. 

This watch is full of charm with its eye-catching color and cool, retro feel. Perfect for everything from casual to formal occasions, any man would look great in the Eterno Blue Diver!

5. Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition Men's Watch

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition Watch

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Finally, we turn to the Okeanos. Another Filippo Loreti mainstay, this classic diver is stunning in its simplicity, effortlessly mixing practicality and elegance to create the perfect everyday timepiece. 

The Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition is a special release that was so successful that Filippo Loreti bought it back by popular demand. With a unique green and rose gold color combination, this sporty dive watch is transformed into a luxurious dress watch befitting any formal occasion. 

Ideal for the man who wants it all in one place, this Okeanos is perfect for everywhere from the ocean to the office!

Wrap Up 

No matter how fancy or expensive your smartphone is, it’ll never have the charm and sophistication of fashionable watches like these. With so many different designs, movement types, colors, and strap types to choose from, it’s never been easier to find a charming, fashionable watch that’s perfect for your individual style!

Check out Filippo Loreti’s Men’s Watches Collection for all of these examples and more, and grab yourself an affordable fashionable watch today!