Filippo Loreti considers the right watch for the right outfit

The Goldilocks theorem that suggests there is a watch “just right” for every type of occasion can also be applied to different types of outfits.  Indeed, wristwatches come in many forms and sizes and when it comes to matching the “right” watch to the type of outfit there a few factors to consider, not the least of which is the style, color, and materials of the watch. 

Naturally, the bulkier, “rugged” watches will always be better suited with casual outfits and will probably look out of place in a formal setting.  One wouldn’t wear a big and bulky Casio G-Shock to a wedding, for example (unless you’re Bear Grylls… and your wedding is somewhere in Zimbabwe… amidst a herd of charging hippos….).  Sleek and elegant watches, on the other hand, will always be better suited with formal attire, and in contrast will be woefully out of place in the plains of the African Savanna.

Indeed, watches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but there will always be the right watch to fit the right outfit.  In fact, some watches can pull off the enviable task of being a match for any attire.  Never the less, here are some recommendations for the best watches to match with casual and formal outfits:

Filippo Loreti  WATCHES

Casual wear:

  1. Diver's Watches: Diver's watches are known for their sporty and rugged design, with features like a rotating bezel and luminescent markers. They are perfect for casual wear and can be paired with jeans, shorts, or khakis.  Depending on the dimensions, however, a diver’s watch wouldn’t look out of place in the boardroom or high-powered meeting, but would be hard pressed to blend in at a formal gala or wedding.
  2. Field Watches: characterized by their simple and utilitarian design, field watches are often matched with canvas or leather straps and feature clean and easy-to-read dials. They are versatile and are perfectly matched with casual outfits like t-shirts, cargo pants, or denim jackets.
  3. Chronograph Watches: Chronograph watches, which have additional stopwatch functions, are popular for their sporty yet sophisticated look and can add a touch of elegance to any casual outfit such as polo shirts, blazers, or chinos.  Because of their versatility however, chronographs won’t necessarily stand out with formal wear either.  Some are so elegant (such as those from Patek Philippe) they segue effortlessly from a casual blazer to a tuxedo.

Formal Outfits:

  1. Dress Watches: typically sleek, minimalist, and elegant, with a thin case and a simple dial dress watches are perfect for formal occasions and can be worn with suits, tuxedos, or dress shirts. Indeed, a dress watch with a leather strap and a classic design will complement any formal attire.
  2. Luxury Watches: These watches from high-end brands are often associated with formal occasions. They come in various styles, including dress watches, chronographs, and classic timepieces, and are made with premium materials like precious metals and high-end composites.  These watches are typically expensive and are considered investment pieces that can be passed down through generations.
  3. Vintage Watches: timepieces that add a touch of nostalgia and feature loads of character can also do wonders to any formal outfit.  They come in various styles, such as dress watches, pilot watches, or vintage divers, and can be paired with formal ensembles to create a statement look.

In addition to the style of the watch, consider the color and material that would complement your casual or formal outfits.  Classic choices, however, are versatile and can be matched with “anything,” and can blend seamlessly with both casual and formal outfits. Still, stainless steel, titanium, or nylon straps in colors like black, blue, or green are popular with casual wear.  While formal wear tends to favor precious metals, and leather straps in classic colors like black, brown, or tan.

In the end, however, the best watch for you will depend on your personal style, preference, and (naturally) the occasion.  What is important is to choose a watch that not only reflects your personality, but also makes you feel confident and comfortable wherever you may be.