Men's Watch Trends In 2021

Ascari Moss Rose Gold Watch For Men Online

Most people would say they buy their wrist watches based on how best it suits their personality. Indeed, personal taste and preferences are the ultimate judges of purchase, but perhaps there is one key factor we seem to forget – trends. Half of the time, wearers prefer to purchase trendy timepieces, and it’s always a bonus if it suits taste. Even in 2021, where we expect more mind-blowing wristwatch designs, buying stylish wrist watches is here to stay.

In this article, we will summarise the leading watch predictions in 2021 and the general trends we can expect from the industry for the next 50-something weeks. We will generalize these trends under various captions that depict their end use or overall feature.

  • Consumer-oriented functionality

Rome Silver Mesh Watch For Men Online

Filippo Loreti brand has invested resources into creating thoughtful premium timepieces. The purposeful curation of advanced wristwatches that mirror the needs of the wearer is quite the tribe in 2021. From face to the bracelet, we should expect more fashionable wrist watches with sleek designs and complications ranging from chronograph to the moonphase. Not forgetting to mention the significance of more water-resistant and scratch-proof watch material with easy-to-read dials.

  • Chronograph watches

Odyssey Rose Gold Blue Rubber Watch For Men Online

We would write a whole book about this grand design, but the Odyssey Rose Gold Blue Rubber at Filippo Loreti mirrors everything a chronograph watch should be. The lustrous watch, apart from being water-resistant, features luminous hands that glow in the dark. Meanwhile, its stopwatch feature eliminates the need to always check your smartphone during the day. A trend to behold in the New Year!

  • Minimalistic watches

Legio Raider Mesh Watch For Men Online

Minimalist designs are cool entrants in the fashion world, as in the watch industry. Everyone likes it less complicated, yet incredibly gorgeous around the wrists like the Legio Raider Mesh in silver color. Built with the scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal and an anti-reflection coating, this silver beauty is one of the designs to look out for throughout the year. It is quite evident that this wristwatch will be your next favorite. The timeless piece is suitable for every outfit and mostly covers every personality.

  • All-blue designs

Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Blue Leather Strap Watch For Men Online

A reflection of nature, blue wristwatches are dynamic and interesting. Take, for example, the Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Blue, with a flirty blue Italian leather strap and 316L stainless steel case. This timepiece is a perfect balance between a casual watch and formal, giving the wearer an outstanding appearance amongst a group of people. All-blue designs are specially made for risk-takers in high-end fashion.

  • Black watches

Ascari Grand Prix GP1952 Watch For Men Online

Indeed, this category of watches has been a haven for minimalist wearers. However, black watches have taken an interesting turn in design and overall functionality. Using the Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952 as an analogy, it isn’t surprising that more people would purchase black watches thanks to its multi-purpose design. A simple yet fascinating model, it effortlessly satisfies the qualities of a timeless wristwatch – aesthetics, and functionality. Do you still doubt why black wristwatches will stay around for longer?

  • A pop of colors

Ascari Tuscany Rubber Watch For Men Online

Hopping onto the list of trendy wristwatches in 2021 are popping hues of yellow, green, and moss. Ultimately, Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber, Okeanos Green Steel Link, and Legio Granadier Mesh Variant are leaders in this category. As more men wear colorful wristwatches, there is bound to be an upward acceptance of these models, especially amongst minimalists’ fans.

Wristwatches are fashion items and are here to stay for stay forever. Also subject to trend, it is best to discover which style suits you before the year winds to a close. Filippo Loreti store has an endless selection of men and women watches that are a beauty to behold and specifically made to suit the wearer, whether on the runway, at events, or at work.