How to Match a Watch with Your Outfit

How to Match a Watch with Your Outfit - Filippo Loreti

Compared to women, men have limited options for accessories. But if there’s one accessory that speaks volumes about one’s personality, it would be a watch. This timekeeping mechanism is a bold expression of one’s character and style. Watches can also make or break your look, but you don’t need to worry because you only need to observe this one rule. Match your watch with your outfit’s level of formality, and you’ll be fine.

Tips for Matching Watches with Outfits

Different outfits require different watches. For example, an understated piece would go well with casual attire. But if you need to attend a formal event, you have to pick a watch that will impress. So to make things easier for you, here are some tips to observe when matching your watch with your outfit.

  • Black Tie/White Tie
  • It’s best to keep things simple during black tie or white tie events. If you need a watch that will elevate your look, a classic dress watch like the Venice Moonphase Silver would be good.

    This classy timepiece combines modern and vintage elements. With its elegant moonphase complication, sleek white dial, and thick brown leather strap, it’s the perfect watch for men who prefer a classic dress watch that complements casual and formal attire.

  • Business Dress
  • Business casual attire usually calls for dress shirts, slacks, polo shirts, khakis, or dress shoes. Light-colored suits go well with a high-end chronograph like the Como Rose Black. Inspired by Lake Como’s luscious foliage and calm waters, this piece embodies the true essence of a sleek watch with a smart-casual vibe.

    The watch features a jet-black dial with luminous rose gold hands, hybrid movement, scratchproof sapphire coated glass, and 10ATM water resistance. The black leather strap also contrasts nicely with the rose gold case. 

  • Business Casual 
  • The key here is to keep things simple. For example, dark conservative suits go well with classic dress watches like the Odyssey Steel Link. This watch features a monochrome dial with luminous details and advanced chronograph functions. The watch is also 10ATM water-resistant.

    A stainless steel link bracelet matches its monochromatic design. So if you’re looking for a classy and durable timepiece that will complete your look, you’ll never go wrong with the Odyssey Steel Link.

  • Casual
  • Watches with metal bands are considered less formal, so they’re ideal for casual wear. Thus, you can pair any watch with dress boots, jeans, or a chambray shirt. But if you’re looking for a watch with a laidback vibe, the Ascari Retro Blue Link will do the trick. 

    Inspired by racing icon Alberto Ascari, the Ascari Retro Blue Link is the perfect timepiece for men who want to dress down without sacrificing style. Thanks to its hybrid movement, it has the unique look of a chronograph and the precision of quartz. The watch has a gorgeous blue dial and luminous hands to guarantee perfect clarity in any lighting condition.

    Apart from its 10ATM water resistance, it also has a unidirectional rotating bezel. Plus, it bears an intricate engraving of the racing legend’s Lancia D50 on its caseback. And with its dual time zone, you can set your timepiece to Milan time.

  • Sports
  • Activities that involve physical movements require watches with robust construction. You don’t want the glass to shatter or the strap to break mid-game, so you must find watches with solid cases, durable straps, and sleek dials. A chronograph like the Ascari Monza Two Tone would be a good option.

    The Ascari Monza Two Tone is ideal for race car drivers and anyone who needs a masculine timepiece that fits an active lifestyle. It has a rich blue dial, advanced chronograph functions, hybrid movement, and luminous hands. You don’t have to wind it often due to its enormous power reserve. 

    The gold-rimmed tachymeter bezel, 10ATM water resistance, three sub-dials, and gilded stainless steel link bracelet add sophistication to the sporty design of this watch. Alberto Ascari’s iconic Lancia D50 is also engraved on its caseback. 

    Wrap Up

    Different types of watches complement various events and fashion styles. With Filippo Loreti’s luxury watches, you can elevate your look with your watch choices. The best part is that these watches come at affordable prices, so check out Filippo Loreti’s collections and find the timepiece that fits you!