How to choose a watch strap depending on personality?

Venice Moonphase watch with leather strap

Venice Moonphase watch with leather strap

You might think that selecting watch straps is an easy quest until you find yourself drowning in the plethora of choices at Filippo Loreti. Next thing, you are at the mercy of the store attendant and a troop of buyers to find the right choice for you. If you’ve ever been stuck in choosing between a lightweight NATO strap and a heavy stainless steel bracelet, you will understand why it is necessary to have a watch strap purchase guide. Far from a frustrating, lengthy list of ‘must-haves,’ a purchase guide is as simple as your traits and personality. For instance:

  • A buyer living modern life probably go with the NATO strap that reflects his minimalism
  • The polished steel bracelet is a worthy companion of those who want to show their status

Choosing the right watch strap

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Apart from personality, you may also consider multiple factors when selecting your watch strap, and these include:

  1. Physical work and exercise – check the durability, comfort, and resistance qualities
  2. Occasion
  3. Everyday wear

Where personality trumps other preferences

Over the years, there has been a discernible shift in strap preferences from the ancestral leather straps to the premium, ornate samples. The simplicity of leather straps carefully juxtaposes the rich heritage of those high-end timepieces, making it the all-time choice wristlet of the larger part of the audience. Add that to the durability and timeless form factor of leather straps, and it becomes glaring why the Venice Moonphase Emerald by Filippo Loreti is an exceptional model.

The evolution of watches, especially the dial, re-established the creativity of straps in perfectly depicting the personality of the wearer. Take, for example, the hardened male seeks metal-styled bracelets that can match their arduous lifestyle. The whole scenario begs to answer the question, “what does your strap say about you?” Hence, straps are chosen not only because of your next occasion or bank balance but represent a litmus standard for evaluating your overall personality.

Leather watch strap

Venice moonphase blue gold watch for men online

By design, the prevailing theme of leather straps is steeped in customs and traditions. Similarly, they are convenient choices for well-dressed office devotees who usually don't formal attires and whose technical jobs demand all-round comfort in dressing. The Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Blue features a classy blue leather luster that sits well on the wrist.

Mesh watch strap

Legio Brigadier Watch For Men Online

Although less shiny than stainless steel, the mesh strap restores a vintage look on watches. The absence of links makes them sit comfortably on the wrist without snagging wrist hair. The Rome Matte Black Mesh is scratch-proof and curves perfectly onto the wearer’s wrist. They serve the same purpose as stainless steel straps despite being a less-conservative choice.

The stainless steel link bracelet

Okeanos Green Steel Rose 2020 special limited edition watch for men online

Often depicted as the ‘testosterone muncher’ this category of strap shares a striking semblance with metallic types. These bracelets are essentially the symbol of undiluted masculinity, as adorned by men with tufts of wrist hair. Even if you just shaved, the Okeanos Green Steel Link promises to recharge your hormones and keep you feeling confident all day long.

Rubber strap

Ascari Dark Camo 2020 Special limited edition watch online

Rubber straps are often companions for sporty watches, but the Ascari Indigo Rose Gold Rubber begs to differ. Some of the highlights of the watch are the premium face and gleaming clasps that are absent in sporty watches. Meanwhile, it shares the renowned sweatproof and water-resistant nature of the outdoorsy watches. In any case, you might want to go with the rubber straps as they can be really cool as well.

Nylon strap

Legio Brigadier Nato Watch For Men Online

The Legio Brigadier NATO brings back the calm and comfort that nylon straps were known for during the days of the early divers and soldiers. Having become a signature for the fashion-forward, the strap now features a minimalist design with matching functionalities.

For many years, personality has assumed center-stage in determining the end-use of watch straps. Even though the dispersion of straps makes it tough to make a decision, each one serves a purpose and it’s perfectly okay to switch straps occasionally, depending on the mood or occasion. Do well to remember these tips the next time you go shopping for a watch strap.