Green on Green: 3 Green Watches from Filippo Loreti

Green on Green: 3 Green Watches from Filippo Loreti

Being fashionable means knowing what to wear and how to do it at best. It also means knowing the right accessories to go with every outfit. In men’s fashion, wristwatches are considered the most important accessories. 

Every fashionable man is expected to have high-quality, trendy watches to go with his outfits. Recently, green watches have been making waves, meaning green on green is a serious fashion statement. 

Are you shopping for trendy green wristwatches? We have just the right items for you here. We will quickly review three green watches from Filippo Loreti and tell you why they are the best to think to buy. 

Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber Green Face Watch

Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber Green Watch

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This is one of the top watches for any man who wants a green and gold watch. As the name clearly suggests, it is a watch with gold color elements and with an interesting green dial. It is also a chronograph watch, complete with a pusher, chronograph reset pusher, minute hand, and a 24-hour indicator.  Luminous hands with white dials ensure that every gleaming digit can be seen clearly. This watch combines the accuracy of quartz with the distinct look of chronograph in one. The watch is inspired by racing icon Alberto Ascari, whose legendary racing vehicle is engraved on the case back of this watch -  a reminder of Alberto Ascari’s racing legacy. 

Eterno Emerald Link Green Face Watch

Eterno Emerald Link Green Watch

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Eterno Emerald Link is an interesting watch for many reasons. First, it is an automatic watch that features the NH35 Mechanical caliber movement. Accurate NH35 movement, with a 41-hour power reserve to keep the watch going even after you take it off. Second, this watch has vintage design. A simple yet elegant timepiece coming with a metal bracelet. Sleek and understated dial composition adds additional sophistication. Third, the unique feature of the date display is of  trapezoidal form which helps to enlarge aperture and adds more surfaces for light to interact with. Each Eterno Automatic green dial watch passes through the hands of more than ten experts before it is certified worthy of shipping. Everything about the watch is exceptional. 


Okeanos Green Steel Link Green Face Watch

Okeanos Green Steel Link green watch

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The Okeanos Green Steel Link is a simple green quartz watch that will look great around the wrist of any gentleman who loves simplicity. The green watch face looks magnificent, and the luminous hands and hour marks make it very simple for wearers to tell time irrespective of the lighting condition. Luminous hands and hour marks make it easy to tell time at dart time. The watch also has features an artful intricate engraving of the trident of Oceanus on the case back as well as the crown. It is also a water-resistant watch with a directional bezel that will let you go deeper by measuring diving time and depth effectively. 

Why Filippo Loreti Green Watches?

There are many reasons to buy Filippo Loreti watches. The best way to summarise the reasons is to state that the watches are carefully crafted to meet needs of customers.

Here are specific reasons why you should consider Filippo Loreti watches as the good option for your investment:

  • They are not mass produced – Filippo Loreti watches are made in small batches for buyers who have already placed their orders; 
  • They are sold directly to customers – Filippo Loreti bypasses the middlemen and sell the watches directly to the customers, eliminating all the problems of middlemen; 
  • They are super-affordable – Thanks to the unique marketing strategy used by Filippo Loreti, these premium watches are very accessible for any budget;
  • They come with a 10-year international warranty – Filippo Loreti watches are of the best possible quality, and the company backs them up with 10 year international warranty. You can have peace of mind when you purchase any of Filippo Loreti watches. 


Do you really want the best green watches to go green on green? We have recommended the five options we believe can meet your needs. If you want to browse other options before making up your mind, then check out our green watches collection page and choose the right one for you.