Choosing the Right Watch for the Right Occasion

Choosing the Right Watch for the Right Occasion from Filippo Loreti

Not sure which men’s watch to wear for your upcoming event? Let’s discuss a few tips on how to perfectly match your watch style to the occasion, and check out a few great examples by Filippo Loreti. 

Imagine you’re suited and booted, hair nicely styled, a touch of cologne, shoes so shiny you can see your face in them. 

The Right Watch for the Right Occasion

You look your best and you’re feeling full of confidence. 

It’s almost time to head to your important black-tie event so you go to check your wrist and you see... a Casio Calculator watch that you’ve had since you were 15.

Something’s not right!

There are certain watches for certain occasions. There are watches that add subtle gravitas to an outfit, that are practical for everyday use, rugged for active pursuits, and eye-catching for making a real statement. The right choice of watch is the finishing touch to any man’s look.

In this article, we’re going to give an easy guide to choosing the right men’s watch for a variety of different occasions. We’ll also check out some stunning, affordable examples by Filippo Loreti, so you can start adding to your collection right away!

Watches by Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loreti has made choosing the right men’s watch easier than ever by making luxury watches accessible to everyone. Once upon a time, owning a collection of beautifully made watches to suit any occasion was a dream available only to a very wealthy few, but now a regular guy can easily aim to complete his set over the course of a couple of years or so. 

This is possible because of Filippo Loreti’s direct-to-consumer business model, which has turned the watch industry completely on its head. Watches are typically seen as status items and attract incredibly high markups from luxury brands and retailers, so you end up paying far more than you should. 

However, Filippo Loreti’s design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution are all under one roof, so you’re able to get a finely crafted luxury watch delivered straight from the workshop floor to your door, with no middleman taking a hefty cut. It’s a win/win for everyone. 

With an impressive range of models, colors, and strap types to choose from, as well as new releases and excellent sales happening all the time, you can easily mix and match to find your ideal styles.

Let’s check out a few Filippo Loreti watches for occasions from a formal business meeting to an active ski trip in the Alps! 

Black Tie Watches

Black-tie events such as weddings, ceremonies, cocktail parties, etc. require a subtle, yet classic watch that doesn’t take the attention away, but completes the elegant style of a tux and tie. The face should be a neutral color such as black or white, with a black strap that complements the suit. As it is a dress watch, there shouldn’t be any sporty functions or details to catch the eye. 

Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh Men's Watch

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This style is perfectly suited to the Venice Moonphase Black Gold Mesh, a cultured and elegant timepiece that has a minimalist yet classic face featuring a tasteful moonphase complication. With a sleek, all-black color scheme offset by an artful engraving of Venice’s legendary Basilico Di San Marco on the case back, this subtle yet interesting watch will make the perfect accompaniment to your formal soiree.

Business Watches

Businesswear gives you a few more options in terms of color and style, your watch choice can be bolder with trending colors like green and blue and encompass masculine and more active styles like pilot and dive watches. However, your choice should still be conventional and elegant, so avoid overly rugged and complex details. 

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition Men's Watch

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We think the Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition is ideal for both formal and casual business occasions, from the boardroom to the office. This green dive watch features a clean, sophisticated dial, with luminous hands and hour marks and a subtle date box. With a rose gold bracelet and case adding a touch of elegance befitting of the setting, the Okeanos is the perfect mix of sporty and smart and is sure to be noticed at the office. 

Everyday Watches

Now, this is the most open-to-interpretation category - what you wear in your regular, everyday life is strictly your own style. However, the right watch will be practical, tough, interesting, and convenient. This is also the time to wear a watch with the highly sought-after automatic movement. Automatics are mechanical watches in the traditional style, working on a spring-driven mechanism. However, rather than needing daily winding the automatic is self-winding, using the motion of the wearer’s wrist to power the movement when worn regularly. 

Skeleton Rose Gold Blue

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The Skeleton Rose Gold Blue celebrates its finely crafted automatic movement by letting you see right into the heart of the watch, with its striking blue ‘skeleton’ dial giving a fascinating view into the complex interplay of cogs and rotors within. Don’t let its delicate appearance fool you though, this elegant, rose gold beauty is water-resistant to 50 meters, a tough stainless steel case, and unbreakable sapphire-coated glass - perfect for durability and everyday use.

Travel Watches

Travel watches are all about function - you want to keep track of times and dates as quickly and easily as possible when you’re out on a journey. The reliable automatic is ideal when on the road too, with a long power reserve so you won’t need to worry about manual winding or the risk of a battery malfunction. You want your travel watch to look great, be practical, reliable, and functional all in one. 

Arsenal Sky Blue Men's Watch

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This is where we turn to the maritime-inspired Arsenal Sky Blue, Filippo Loreti’s most sophisticated watch yet. With 8 different automatic functions seamlessly integrated with a refreshing aesthetic, this striking blue-faced beauty is tailor-made for the adventurer! Its tough exterior is complemented by a reliable 40-hour power reserve, date display, day of the week wheel, month wheel, and 24-hour indicator, making sure you’re fully up-to-date in any situation, anywhere in the world. 

Sport Watches

Sports watches are active and functional. They need to be durable enough to withstand heavy use and a lot of motion and be resistant to sweat, dirt, and water. You should also look for chronographs with a stopwatch function for measuring times - so you can keep an eye on your fastest 5km run. 

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 Men's Watch

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The Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 is the watch of choice for sports lovers, with a design inspired by the legendary Italian racer Alberto Ascari. This retro-style racing watch has chronograph functionality and a stunning blue/gold color scheme, a practical and stylish timepiece that pays homage to one of the sporting greats. Flip it over and you’ll see an engraved artwork of Alberto Ascari’s iconic World Championship-winning Ferrari on the case back, with a tachymeter scale inscribed around the rim of the dial confirming the racing pedigree of this classic sports watch. 

Wrap up 

So now you know how to choose the right watches for occasions, why not think about starting your new collection? With all of these watches currently on sale at Filippo Loreti, there has never been a better time than now. 

Check out Filippo Loreti’s men’s watch collection for these models and many more, and always have the perfect watch on hand for every situation!