7 Reasons Every Man Needs A Diver Watch In Their Collection This Season

7 Reasons Every Man Needs A Diver Watch In Their Collection This Season - Filippo Loreti

Introducing a premium diver men’s watch that you can actually afford

Okeanos green steel link timepiece watch

A diver’s watch is an iconic and versatile design, that deserves to be in every man’s timepiece collection. Diver watches have always appealed to men from all walks of life, thanks to their purist practicality and sporty aesthetic. However, it can be a challenge to find a good looking diver watch that’s sporty, sharp, yet stylish and elegant that suits everyday looks, all at a reasonable price. That’s why we created the Okeanos Collection – combining a sporty aesthetic with Italian style and premium quality.

Okeanos Green steel link

1. They’re a true style icon

Ok, so what’s a diver watch and how does a dive watch work? The diver watch’s history goes back to the 1950s when it became a staple for stylish men, and over the decades has become synonymous with effortless sophistication. Designed for active lifestyles, maximum comfort, and durability without compromising your style. Providing endurance and a stylish marriage between sport and elegance, a vintage diver watch is the perfect finishing touch to every outfit. 

The Okeanos Green Steel Link adds class and sophistication without screaming for attention. If you want a diving watch that looks just as slim and refined as your best dress watch, Filippo Loreti Okeanos Rose gold blue rubber is the timepiece to go for.

Okeanos green steel link

2. They’re sporty, yet versatile

Filippo Loreti divers’ watches blur the lines between formal and casual dress. Designed with an emphasis on the needs of the modern man, these highly practical and versatile pieces offer the same irresistible good looks whether you’re sporting a casual outfit or a black tuxedo. A diver watch with a suit is one of the most timeless style combinations.

Okeanos Blue Steel link

3. A watch that you actually use

Okeanos green steel link diver swimmer

Beyond their underwater capabilities, dive watches are durable, practical and a great casual timepiece to wear with just about anything in your wardrobe. Whether you’re timing your dives or want an accurate count of how long you’ve been waiting for a taxi, their 60-minute ring is accurate and functional. 

4. It’s actually waterproof

Okeanos blue steel link timepiece watch

While most watches claim 50m of water resistance, what that really means is that they will survive hand washes and a quick shower. The Filippo Loreti Okeanos Collection is water-resistant up to 100m so you can safely swim without worrying. The automatic Okeanos Collection is even more water-safe, with water resistance up to 200m.

5. You can trust the build quality

Okeanos Blue Steel link dial

Divers put their lives in the hands of their watches to accurately track how long they’ve been underwater, so good construction and reliable functionality are critical. The Okeanos Diver collection uses scratch-resistant sapphire coated glass and a Miyota 2025 movement so you can count on precise timekeeping. The automatic Okeanos Collection uses Sellita SW200 Swiss movement, a complication that has been used for generations by master watchmakers. 

6. Unique design features

Okeanos Green Steel link

Every watch in the Okeanos Collection features a stylised trident on our crown, inspired by the titan of Oceanus. This unique feature compliments the shape of the diver watch face and conjures up images of ocean adventures and untamed seas.

7. Limited edition designs

Okeanos watch Oceanus

You don’t need to spend a fortune to own a limited-edition premium watch. Okeanos limited edition designs come in black, steel, grey, red and silver and will please even the most serious collectors. The Okeanos Heat Link comes in a striking red tone that’s guaranteed to make a statement. The Grey Steel Link combines a sharp, sporty look with comfort and functionality and the Two Tone Black Link was made to be worn by those who appreciate the finer things in life. We’ve produced them in very limited quantities so owning one will make you part of a very exclusive and very stylish club.

If you want to own a premium diver’s watch that combines a sporty aesthetic with Italian style and premium quality then you’ll love the Okeanos Collection. The iconic design will look at home in every man’s watch collection and look just as good with a suit as it will with jeans and a T-shirt.