3 Reasons to Add Classic Green Dial Watches to Your Collection

3 Reasons to Add Classic Green Dial Watches to Your Collection

Green watch dials are a new trend that evokes individuality. And for classic watch seekers who want something different, Filippo Loreti's green watches will show you why these timepieces are taking the watch world by storm.

With luminous hands, solid cases, robust movements, and green face watches available in leather and chain straps, Filippo Loreti's green watches are a true work of art that will last for a lifetime. Here’s why you should add a green watch to your collection.

Green Watch Dials Created for You Alone

What sets Filippo Loreti apart from the rest is that they produce watches according to the request of the chosen design. Filippo Loreti watches are made in very small amounts and after collecting orders, manufactures the requested watches and stocks a small amount of these timepieces to maintain the quality of each piece that comes out of the brand's facilities. 

Fair Prices 

Major brands sell their timepieces for a ridiculously high price, but Filippo Loreti does things differently. By designing their timepieces in-house, bypassing conventional channels, and forming direct partnerships with manufacturers, they were able to offer exquisite green watches for a fraction of the typical retailer's price.

Classic Green Watches that Speak for You

The following green watches are some of Filippo Loreti's best-sellers. With impressive combinations of silver, gold, and green, these timepieces are a must-have for passionate horologists or anyone who wants to get a new addition to their watch collection.

1. Okeanos Green Steel Link Watch

Okeanos Green Steel Link Watch

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The Oceanus is a pleasant harmony of luminescent details, artful engraving, and robust functionality. Named after Oceanos, the Titan god of River Okeanus, this timepiece features a 42mm silver stainless case offset by a green watch face with a unidirectional rotating bezel that accurately measures diving depth and time.

Powered by Japanese Seiko movement, this green wristwatch keeps accurate and precise time and features luminous hour marks and hands that allow you to tell time even in low light conditions. You can use it for water sports like snorkeling, swimming, and boating as it is water-resistant up to 300ft (100m). With its silver crown and case back inscribed with the Titan god's iconic trident, the Oceanus is an impressive artwork that offers a seamless blend of masculinity and functionality.

2. Odyssey Two Tone Green Link Watch

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link Watch

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The Odyssey celebrates the Italian style with intricate dial and luminous details that look great anywhere. Its thick stainless steel case and bracelet with deployment clasp allow you to secure your timepiece on your wrist within seconds. Thanks to its state-of-the-art chronograph functionality and golden chronograph pushers, stopping and starting the watch won't be a problem. 

The timepiece is water-resistant up to 10ATM (100M), so you can use it for deep-water diving and other water sports. Since it was initially made for the outdoors, the Odyssey can withstand the rigors of daily use. The case back displays an intricate inscription of two seahorses. Plus, the bracelet's two-tone design makes for a compelling addition to any watch collection. 

3. Eterno Emerald Watch

Eterno Emerald Watch

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The Eterno Emerald is a vintage timepiece designed for the modern gentleman who wants to track time without sacrificing style. The timepiece features an emerald Italian leather strap offset by a two-tone dial protected by a sapphire-coated glass exterior. Underneath the glass is a trapezoidal date window that tells the date and luminous hands that allow you to tell time even when it's dark outside. The window's unique shape also helps enlarge the aperture.

Powered by NH35 mechanical movement and boasting a power reserve of 41 hours, the Eterno Emerald is a classic yet functional timepiece that will last for a long time. The timepiece is water-resistant up to 100 meters (10ATM), and the best part is that you make it more special by engraving a personalized note on its case back.

4. Eterno Green Diver Watch

Eterno Green Diver

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A green emerald watch that commemorates a brilliant Swiss designer's classic masterpiece, the Eterno Green Diver is a vintage watch that pays tribute to simple yet powerful design elements of Gérald Genta's Polerouter. The timepiece sports an authentic brown Italian leather strap that flawlessly complements a sleek green watch dial.

The Eterno Green Diver will run for 41 hours straight, thanks to its enormous power reserve. The timepiece also features a trapezoidal date window that improves aperture and makes it easier to view the current date. But the best thing about this timepiece is that you can engrave a personalized note on its case back, allowing you to own a watch that is created for you alone.

5. Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber Watch 

Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber Watch

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The Ascari is a gold and green watch with a minimalist dial, chronograph hand, stylish rubber strap, and unidirectional bezel. Like the other collections, the Ascari has an inscribed case back. But this time, it features Alberto Ascari's car racing legacy. The combination of emerald green and rose gold creates a striking contrast that works well in formal occasions like corporate events and anniversaries.

The green quartz watch combines the distinctive aesthetic of a chronograph and the precision of quartz. With its luminous hands and white dials, you can tell time and see the gleaming digits even in low light conditions. The green gold watch has dual time zones, allowing you to set the timepiece to Milan time.

Final Thoughts

Green dial watches are here to stay. Check out Filippo Loreti's green dial watches and add a contemporary timepiece to your collection that will speak for you.