3 Green Watches to Add to Your Collection Today

3 Green Watches to Add to Your Collection Today

Bold and eye-catching but not too flashy, these gorgeous green watches for men are a collector’s dream.

Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber Green Watch


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Collecting watches is a deeply personal hobby that can be driven by any number of needs and emotions. 

From simply having a few cool and good-looking timepieces that you like, to very specific collections based on things like a certain brand, style, investment potential or history, your watch collection is something that can bring a lifetime of joy and satisfaction that can be handed down over generations. 

A Few Different Ways To Collect Watches 

Some collectors go for the ‘iconic’ watches, some of the best and most well-known watches ever made. These timepieces are rare, expensive, and a connoisseur’s dream, with the Rolex Submariner, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Panerai Luminor, Breitling Navitimer, and Omega Speedmaster being good examples. 

Another popular collection is by brand, style, or story. Some collectors seek to own a complete set of Rolexes, for example, or seek out dive watches that show off the technological development of the style. Others like to own a piece of history, watches that are associated with major historical events, or film legends like James Bond or Steve McQueen.

You could also start a collection that features a little of everything, taking in the entire history of watchmaking with different kinds of movements, styles, straps, dials, and functions. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of collection you choose, a true collector seeks to have a greater understanding of the stories behind the watches he or she owns, joining a community and tradition of watch collecting that goes back centuries. 

Watch Collecting

As a relatively new player in the watch collecting world, we have shaken up the old order and introduced the hobby to a much wider audience. 

Whereas before you’d be expected to shell out thousands of dollars for each addition to your collection, Filippo Loreti has introduced a new generation of the highest-quality, collectible timepieces for prices that are much more accessible to the average enthusiast. 

This is a long-overdue development that has injected new life and interest into what had become a stuffy and elitist industry. With the ‘traditional’ brands able to charge huge sums on the backs of their names and reputations alone, innovation and creativity had begun to dry up. 

With the likes of Filippo Loreti introducing a wide range of top-quality watches that are bold, affordable, and extremely collectible, we sit on the cusp of an exciting new era of watch collecting, where the possibilities are endless! 

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at just 3 our watches as an example. As we mentioned earlier, there are no rules to watch collecting, follow your passion! 

Personally, we love the green color. It makes a watch dial noticeable but not flashy, it brings attention to the dial’s features, and it pairs just beautifully with both silver and gold. If to start a new collection of green watches or was looking to add some green to the current acquisitions, we would suggest to consider the following green watch models.

1. Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link Green Watch

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The Okeanos is a stylish and extremely tough dive watch, with an unbreakable 316L stainless steel case, sapphire-coated mineral glass, and clean, clear features. 

Designed primarily for outdoor pursuits - with luminous watch hands and hour marks ideal for anything from deep-water diving to hiking in the mountains, this unique rose gold edition pairs a touch of elegance with the rugged, masculine character of the Okeanos. 

The stainless steel link bracelet contrasts beautifully with the bold, deep-green color of the dial, and the case back, which features an intricately-engraved artwork of the Roman God Oceanus, completes a refined and sophisticated look that wouldn’t look out of place in a formal setting. 

The Okeanos also features a subtle date display on the dial, adding an extra complication to an elegant, functional timepiece.

2. Okeanos Green Steel Link

Okeanos Green Steel Link Green Watch

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Another Okeanos that perfectly bridges the gap between practicality and style, the Green Steel Link is a classic of the genre. 

With a minimalist dial that has the same features as the rose gold edition, minus the date display, this green beauty pairs just as beautifully with a silver stainless steel bracelet. 

The Green Steel Link boasts the same engraved case back, tough sapphire-coated mineral glass, and directional rotating bezel as the above Okeanos, making a slightly more subtle yet just as stylish addition to any formal outfit.

3. Odyssey Two-Tone Green Link

Odyssey Two-Tone Green Link Green Watch

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The Odyssey is a chronograph watch with a vintage, timeless style. With its bold, intricate dial featuring an advanced chronograph functionality, this watch showcases the kind of retro-tech complexity that James Bond himself would be proud of!

The gorgeous green of this Odyssey Two-Tone edition is offset by an eye-catching stainless steel link bracelet that combines the best of gold and silver in an attractive, two-tone design

Luminous hands and hour marks hint at a sporty, active functionality, while the case back is adorned with an engraved artwork featuring two seahorses, bringing an air of true luxury to this best-selling timepiece.

The Odyssey is a must-have for any collection featuring Filippo Loreti watches, it is one of their original masterpieces and a hugely popular piece, bringing to mind a luxurious Riviera style of days past - fast cars, casinos, yachting, and glamorous parties. Nothing captures this better than the Odyssey Two-Tone Green Link.

Final Thoughts

These stunning green watches by Filippo Loreti make an attractive and interesting addition to any collection. Whether you have a particular ‘theme’ or if you’re just collecting stylish watches that you love to wear, we offer timepieces that are bold, unique, finely-crafted, and have an interesting story to tell. 

Check the green watch collection and make your choice today!