Women's venice moonphase watches

Women's Venice moonphase watches

Venice Moonphase Watches For Women

The women’s Venice Moonphase series was our first ever collection and the award-winning watches are still very popular. Named after the iconic city of Venice and inspired by the St Mark's Basilica, Italian style and sophistication is at the heart of the collection. Each watch features a 3D engraved case back featuring a detailed sketch of the cathedral and the moonphase indicator gives it a sense of sophistication. Ladies moonphase watches can be hard to come by, often reserved for men, but at Filippo Loreti we have created a collection that stylish women will love to wear. 

Moonphase Watches for Women 

If you have a deep affinity with the moon and stars and understand the importance of the moon, then you’ll love wearing a moonphase watch. Just as the moon gives us light and can determine our moods, the moonphase display on watches is a beautiful feature that makes a chic addition to watches. Our ladies moonphase watches come in a selection of colors and styles. Try a rose gold and blue design if you want to turn heads or choose the silver and white one for work and weekend. 

Timeless and Classic Styles

Our women's Venice moonphase watches come with changeable straps so you can change the look of your timepiece in an instant. We have a variety of straps in different colors and finishes that will transform your watch. Try a Milanese mesh strap if you are wearing it to work or on a night out. Or go for a classic brown leather one when you’re relaxing at the weekend.

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