Women's quartz watches

Women’s Quartz Watches

Our collection of quartz watches for women includes a large selection of different styles and colors. From minimalist designs to more complex pieces, there will be a quartz timepiece you’ll love. 

Our Venice Moonphase Collection features an elegant moonphase dial alongside a quartz movement for a sophisticated finish. 

The Asea Collection is waterproof up to 50m and is designed for modern-day adventurers, so it can be worn everywhere from the sunbeds of Sicily to the streets of Rome. 

Our Essence Collection has a minimal look which is perfect for the office and the Marble Collection is a stylish choice for the weekend. 

If you want a unique timepiece, our Muse Collection has a striking rectangular face which makes a welcome change from round dials. 

Why Ladies Should Choose a Quartz Watch 

A quartz watch for women is a very reliable and practical choice and will provide accurate timekeeping for years. We have timeless designs which will never go out of style and will look modern and fresh whatever the latest trend is. 

Quartz Watches for Women Whatever the Occasion 

Whether you’re off to work, meeting friends for brunch at the weekend, or headed on a night out, we have a quartz watch that will suit the occasion. The easiest way to give your outfit a new look is to change the strap on your watch. Many of our women’s quartz watches feature changeable straps so you can choose between leather, link and Milanese mesh bracelets depending on what you’re wearing. Color is also an important consideration. Gold, silver and black leather straps will look smart and sophisticated while colored straps in pink and blue hues will give your look a more playful finish.

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