Women’s Leather Watches

Our selection of leather watches for women will make a stylish addition to any accessories collection. Every leather strap from Filippo Loreti is hand-crafted from Italian leather, so you can guarantee your leather watch is of the highest quality. The soft, supple strap will feel comfortable on your wrist and will only get better with time. Our ladies leather watches are hand-dyed in a variety of elegant colors, including classic brown, black and white. For a more playful finish, choose eye-catching pink, green or powder blue hues. 

Classic Leather Watches 

There is something so eternally stylish about leather watches that you can guarantee yours will never go out of fashion. Whether you want a classic look or a more feminine finish, we have a leather watch that will suit your taste. 

For a minimalist approach, our Marble and Essence Collections with leather straps are a stylish choice. They feature classic dials with little detailing, so they will go with everything in your wardrobe. 

Our Venice Moonphase and Rome Collections are smart choices and come in a range of colors and finishes. Their unique complications and sophisticated aesthetic make them perfect for work or weekend. 

Best Women’s Leather Watches For Every Occasion

Each one of our luxury leather bands is changeable, so you can alter the look of your timepiece daily to ensure it is suitable for every occasion. Wear a brown or black leather watch to work to smarten up your look or choose a colorful band at the weekend to brighten up your outfit. If you’re attending a formal engagement, wear your timepiece stacked with some fine jewelry like rings and bracelets to make it evening-appropriate. Matching earrings and necklaces will also smarten up your look. Our leather watches for women are so versatile that there really is one for every one of life’s events. 

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