White Watches

White Dial Watches

Every watch-collector owns a black watch and maybe even a blue watch, but now it’s time to shine a light on the often overlooked white face watches. For some reason, white watches are not quite as popular as other styles, but trust us when we say, they look twice as stylish. They’re a bold, fresh alternative to other styles that you might have seen hundreds of people wearing and will give you a distinct and unique look that you won’t get from other watch colors. While other people might be looking for the flashiest watch they can find, a white watch offers a more under-stated aesthetic that speaks of class and exceptional taste. 

Premium White Watches You’ll Love

We have a range of white watches for sale for both men and women at Filippo Loreti. Our white watches for women are very minimalist and stylish and make the perfect white fashion watches. Our Marble and Essence Collections feature very clean lines and simple dials and have changeable straps if you want to add some color to your timepiece. Men will love the Ascari chronograph with a white face and stylish link strap in gold and silver. 

The Best Quality White Watches 

At Filippo Loreti all our watches are hand-crafted by world-class craftsmen using the best quality materials. We look to Italy for our style inspiration and take notes from master watch makers to ensure our watches are the best they can be. Our white quartz watches will keep time perfectly and you’ll be wearing yours season after season.

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