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Watches with water resistance

If you want a watch that will take you from beach to bar or poolside to restaurant, then you’re in the right place. At Filippo Loreti we have a selection of water-resistant watches that are designed for getting wet but will look just as stylish on dry land. From splashes in the shower to deep-sea diving, our water-resistant watches are all designed with different needs in mind. 

Water Resistant Sports Watches

If you’re pretty serious about getting wet, then you’ll want to choose one of our water-resistant sports watches. These are water resistant up to 100m usually and can withstand lots of exposure to water. 

The Okeanos and Odyssey diving watches are designed for swimming and diving but will look just as cool on the deck of a yacht. Some of them can even be worn with a robust rubber strap which is perfect for getting wet. 

The sporty Ascari watch collection is also waterproof up to 100m and can be worn for lots of different sports from swimming to surfing. 

Women shouldn’t be left out, so we have also created a female diving watch. The Asea is designed for modern-day mermaids and will take you from the beaches of Bali to the shores of the Maldives in style and is the perfect water resistant watch for swimming. 

A watch for every occasion 

It’s not just swimming when you need a water-resistant watch. Sometimes you just want one that will withstand daily hand-washing and splashes. Our Venice Moonphase is water resistant to 50m (5ATM) so is perfect if you want a watch that you can wear all day every day without worrying about water damage. The changeable straps on many of our watches also mean they’re very practical. If you’re planning on submerging your watch, we recommend changing your strap from a leather one to a rubber, link or mesh one. 

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