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Trendy Watches For Men

At Filippo Loreit we don’t follow trends, but instead we create watches that men will want to wear season after season and year after year. But that doesn't mean we don’t take note of what is happening in the watch industry. We keep on top of the latest fashion trends and incorporate some trendy elements into our collections. For example, we might reintroduce watches in new, trending colorways or we might add fashion-forward details like a printed strap. These are ways of showing your personality, but without following the pack. 

Stylish Watches For Men

Certain watches will never go out of style. For example, diving watches have been a popular choice for fashionable gents since the 1950s and they’re showing no signs of losing their cool factor. The Okeanos and Odyssey Collections are modern diving watches that manage to be both contemporary and classic. Another trendy but classic men’s watch is the Venice Moonphase. The moonphase indicator is an ancient complication but it still looks elegant and stylish now. Sporty watches also never go out of style, and the Ascari is proof of that. This chronograph watch will look good wherever and however you choose to wear it. 

Which Watch Trend To Wear 

If you can’t decide which watch trend is right for you, then consider your lifestyle. If you are an outdoor adventures kind of guy then something sporty like the Ascari or the Cosmo will do the trick. If you spend more of your time sipping martinis in the city, then the Rome or Venice Moonphase will suit your lifestyle. Or you might want something totally versatile which you can wear everywhere from the beach to the boardroom and diving watches are perfect whether you’re on a yacht or in the office.

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