Stylish watches for women

Stylish Watches For Women

It may seem like men's watches get all the attention, but women's timepieces are just as noteworthy and stylish. In fact, wearing an elegant timepiece is the perfect way to elevate your daily jewelry game. At Filippo Loreti we have lots of stylish watches for women online for you to choose from. Whether you want something chic and classic or playful and stylish, you’ll find a watch here for you. 

Women's Fashion Wrist Watches

Before buying your stylish watches for ladies online, you need to look at all of your options. We have multiple women’s watches collections all with very unique features.

Our Muse Collection is a series of watches inspired by iconic women with a unique rectangular dial. This is one for trend-setters. 

If you’re more into simple designs then you’ll love our Marble and Essence collections. These minimalist designs are a favourite among bloggers and influencers and will go with literally everything. 

Our unisex Venice Moonphase Collection is another classic which has been a constant best-seller since it launched. 

For women who like to travel and see life as a bit of an adventure, we designed a female dive watch called the Asea. Because why should men be the only ones that get to wear diving watches? 

Choosing Your Perfect Watch

It can be hard choosing your perfect watch because you might even want more than one to wear depending on the occasion. And that’s the great thing about most Filippo Loreti watches. Lots of them come with versatile changeable straps so you can choose between leather and Milanese mesh depending on the occasion. That’s like having two watches in one! 

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