Military watches

Active, adventurous men need tough and durable gear, and this definitely applies to watches, too. Because if you’re diving, hiking, mountain-climbing, or anything outdoors, the last thing you need is a flimsy, ill-fitting timepiece that stops working when you need it the most! This collection of military watches, featuring some of our best-selling models and styles, offers just that - rugged and practical timepieces that will see you through your toughest challenges but don’t sacrifice on luxury and style.

Military Watches for Men

These military watches will make an excellent addition to your own collection, starting with the Okeanos, which we have selected for its classic style and versatility. 

The Okeanos features a rugged 316L stainless steel case, luminous watch hands & hour marks which are perfect for outdoor adventures, and a case back adorned with an engraved artwork of the Roman God Oceanus. But while this tough dive watch was designed mainly for underwater exploits, it is elegant enough to double as a stylish everyday watch too - a true combination of function and elegance. The key to this military version of the Okeanos, also known as the Okeanos CAMO, is the unique rubber strap. These clean, minimalist camo designs interact and interchange perfectly with the classic Okeanos dial and its masculine black color scheme.

Alternatively, for a sportier and more detailed military watch, look no further than the Ascari. Inspired by the legendary Italian driver Alberto Ascari, Ferrari's champion at the GP World Championship in 1952, this state-of-the-art quartz watch has a precise, high-tech movement but the look and details of a mechanical chronograph. The military version of the Ascari features a tactical black dial and a blue rubber strap featuring clean, minimalist camo designs. With a potent mix of modern technology, retro feel, and military toughness this military Ascari is the dream design for adventurers everywhere!

What are you waiting for? Make your choice now and get your dream military watch - a truly unique timepiece that’ll easily endure your toughest and most extreme adventures.

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