Mesh straps

Mesh watch straps

Mesh Straps For Watches

Made of stainless steel, our mesh watch straps are a discreet and contemporary alternative to link band bracelet styles. Steel mesh straps were particularly popular back in the early days of wrist watches and have had a resurgence recently. Look out for the “Milanese,” which is characterized by a tighter, finer metal weave and “Shark Mesh” which is chunkier and looser. The former is ideal for watches like our Venice Moonphase and the latter is most at home on a dive watch. They’re still relatively unique and will give your looks a smart finish. 

Mesh Straps For Every Outfit 

Our Milanese mesh watch straps are perfect for wearing on a dress watch. The strap will sit close to the wrist without adding any extra bulk, meaning it will sit neatly under your shirt or tailoring. Women will also love our milanese mesh watch straps for when they want to give their watch a classy upgrade. A fancy brunch or afternoon tea is the perfect excuse to wear your mesh strap. 

Mesh Watch Strap Adjustment

Our mesh watch bands are completely adjustable. Simply insert the small spring pins on each side of your strap into the small holes on the case. The pins should snap into place and hold your bracelet securely. (Tip: Install the clasp end at 6 o’clock and make sure it’s polished-side up). To adjust your strap open the butterfly clasp on the shorter end of your bracelet by pressing on the two side buttons until they release it. Open the latch and slide the bottom strap in between there and the buckle. Once you are happy with the fit, close the latch. This will lock the strap in place. To finish simply close the butterfly clasp by pressing down until you hear it click into place. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy your stylish new mesh strap.

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