Men's venice moonphase watches

Men's Venice Moonphase Watches

Moonphase Watch for Men

The moonphase complication actually predates the clock and was used in ancient times to tell the time by looking at the phases of the moon. It has since been used by horologists and watch-makers on contemporary watches as a true marker of a premium timepiece. The moonphase complication still holds romantic connotations and reminds wearers of the old-world charm of time-keeping. At Filippo Loreti we have a selection of different moonphase watches for sale which will make sophisticated additions to your watch collection

The Venice Moonphase Watch Collection

Our Venice Moonphase Collection was the first collection from Filippo Loreti and has been a best-seller ever since. The collection is inspired by the floating city in Italy’s north and features a 3D engraving on the caseback of St Mark's Basilica and its iconic spires. Each piece is hand-crafted from the finest quality materials and there are a variety of different colorways to choose from. From the rose gold and blue combination to a classic white and silver pairing, our Venice Moonphase watches for men are guaranteed to suit every style. 

Moonphase Watches For Sale

If you’re looking for a new watch to add to your collection and want a premium timepiece that will attract plenty of complements then a moonphase watch is a great choice. The versatile pieces will look stylish with all your outfits, from jeans and T-shirts to more formal workwear. One of the best things about our moonphase watches is their versatility. They come with changeable straps so you can change the look of your watch in a matter of minutes. Choose from a variety of straps in different colors and finishes from Italian leather to Milanese mesh.

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