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Men's Premium Watches

If you want to know where to get a men’s designer watch for less then you’re in the right place. Our premium watches from Filippo Loreti are made from the best quality materials by world-class craftsmen and are designed by expert horologists, but we have cut out any unnecessary middlemen to bring you these premium watches for exceptionally fair prices. 

Premium Watches Online

We have a selection of men’s designer watches for a range of different collections. Our Ascari Collection is a versatile chronograph with an advanced complication and a selection of classic hues. 

The Venice Moonphase is a timeless watch for any occasion and features an elegant moonphase dial. 

Sporty gentlemen will love the Okeanos and Odyssey diving watches which are so timeless and will look just as good now as they will in 10 years time. 

Our Chronus and Cosmo watches are advanced tool watches which you can wear anywhere and will even look suave with a suit. 

We also have a selection of limited edition watches. These watches are made in very small numbers and are only produced once, so when they sell out, you’ll never see them again.

Automatic or Quartz? 

When you’re choosing which men’s luxury watch to buy online, first you must consider whether you want a quartz or an automatic. We have a choice of both at Filippo Loreti, with options of each found on this page. Quartz is the most common type of movement, and requires the battery to be changed if it runs out of power. Quartz watches are highly accurate, very practical and relatively inexpensive, compared to some other movements. Often considered the purist's choice, automatic watches are powered by the motion of the wearer and if worn daily should continue to stay accurate. They require a high level of expertise and lots of intricate parts to create, so often cost slightly more. 

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