Men’s Leather Watches

There is something eternally appealing about a men’s leather watch and we think it’s the classic aesthetic and visible craftsmanship that makes them so popular. All our leather straps are hand-crafted from Italian leather, so you can guarantee your leather watch is of the highest quality. The soft, supple strap will sit comfortably against your wrist without adding too much bulk. Hand-dyed in a variety of sophisticated hues, including brown, black, blue and white, each one of our luxury leather bands is changeable, so you can alter the look of your timepiece daily. 

Wear Your Leather Watch Anywhere

Our leather watches can be worn anywhere. For example, a gold or silver case paired with a simple leather strap is perfect for formal occasions and will finish off the look of your suit. Just remember, a leather dress watch should be elegant and small enough to fit comfortably under a shirt and jacket cuffs. Leather watches shouldn’t be reserved for when you’re dressing up though. They also work well with more rugged jeans and T-shirt looks, elevating your casual style to more refined heights. All our Essence, Venice Moonphase and Rome Collections are perfect weekend-wear. 

Choosing A Leather Watch for Men

Choosing a nice leather watch is easy, when picking from our selection. You have the choice of both automatic and quartz movements, depending on your needs and tastes. 

Our leather Venice Moonphase watches also feature elegant moonphase complications to give your watch an added level of sophistication. Shopping for a men’s leather watch online gives you so much more choice than in shops and department stores so it’s a smart choice when you want to buy a designer leather watch.

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