Men's chronograph watches

Men’s Chronograph Watches

Chronograph Watches for Men

Considered by many watch collectors to be the most alluring horological style by far, men’s chronograph watches have a rich and interesting history – and they’re also very practical. Used by racing car drivers, astronauts and scientists throughout the last century, and now loved by everyone, chronographs allow you to start and stop time at the press of a button. 

The Benefits of a Chronograph Watch 

So what actually is a chronograph? A chronograph, in the simplest terms possible, is the technical word for a stopwatch or timer. Most chronograph timepieces, such as our Chronus and Pilot collections, feature between one and three buttons, which start, stop and reset the chronograph function. They’re commonly seen on the wrists of racing car drivers and during other activities where accuracy and precision are vital.

Premium Watches With Chronograph

While the appeal of chronograph watches might be mainly about the technology, the best chronograph watches will look stylish too. 

Our Ascari Collection, inspired by the Italian racing driver, Alberto Ascari, is a refined example of a chronograph that will also add a touch of sophistication to your looks. 

Originally, a chronograph was a timepiece worn for sports, but these days, chronographs like our Odyssey Diving Collection make sophisticated everyday watches. They can be styled up as well as down, depending on what you’re doing that day and will look stylish with both suits and more casual outfits. 

We also have a selection of Limited Edition chronograph watches for men which are unique collector’s items, that only a few people are lucky enough to own. 

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