Automatic watches for men

Automatic Watches For Men

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Our selection of automatic watches for men will please even the most avid timepiece collectors. The advanced automatic complications make these watches a cut above the rest and will keep precise time for the lifespan of your watch. The workmanship involved in making an automatic watch entails extreme precision and extensive knowledge, so you know your timepiece has been made by the best of the best. 

The award-winning Venice Moonphase Automatic is a stylish choice for any occasion and as well as an advanced automatic movement, it features a sophisticated moonphase dial that adds another dimension to the collection. 

The Rome Automatic is inspired by the Italian capital and features vivid details that reflect the eternal city. Choose from classic hues like black, brown, silver and gold for a timeless finish. 

Why Choose An Automatic Watch 

When you’re choosing between a quartz and an automatic watch for men, there are a few things to consider. Unlike a battery powered or quartz watch, an automatic watch will keep going forever, pausing only when you cease to wind it or wear it often. Automatic watches are powered by the motion of the wearer and if you wear yours daily, it should continue to stay accurate. Automatic watches are considered by many to be the best choice when investing in a premium timepiece, because the watch keeps its value forever and is loved by watch collector’s, so opt for an automatic if it’s longevity that you’re looking for.

Men's Premium Automatic Watches

Deciding which automatic watch from Filippo Loreti to buy, depends on where you plan to wear it. If you’re hoping to impress an important client in the business world, our Venice Moonphase is a great conversation starter. The Rome Automatic is perfect for formal occasions and will look effortlessly stylish with a shirt or suit. All our men’s watches with an automatic movement feature changeable straps so you can choose between leather and link straps depending on where you’re wearing it. 

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