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Filippo Loreti Best-selling Watches

At Filippo Loreti we are committed to creating beautiful watches using the best quality materials and impeccable design. And some of these watches go on to become best-sellers. Many of our new collections sell out within minutes and we have dozens of best-selling watches that we have re-produced due to popular demand. This is where you’ll find all the most-loved designs and discover the timepieces that people in the watch collecting community are loving. 

Best-selling Designer Watches

The Venice Moonphase collection is our best-selling watch of all time. When it first launched it had a 20,000 person waitlist. People love the elegant yet minimal design which is so unique and not available from any other watch brands. 

The Ascari is another one of our best-selling premium watches. The sporty chronograph watch is a favorite among watch collectors thanks to its advanced complications and sophisticated colorways. 

We’ve also created a best-selling diving watch which is called the Okeanos. This is a watch that looks at home on the deck of a yacht and will take you from work to weekend and back again with ease. 

For something slightly dressier, that you might wear with your tailoring, try our best-selling Rome Collection. Inspired by the Piazzas of the Italian capital, it oozes style and cool. 

Our Most Popular Watches

All of our watches are made in limited numbers, so when they sell out, that usually means they’re gone forever. So if something catches your eye on our best-sellers page, you should take action quickly, because it might not be available when you check again. 

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