The first kryptokick sneakers from Nike & RTFKT

CryptoKicks, Nike’s first-ever blockchain-based sneakers, is now live on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

25th May 2022

After dropping hints of a metaverse project, RTFKT and Nike finally unveiled a new collection of digital sneakers with different skins. The news prompted collectors to solve various puzzles and quests to open the NFT vault that contained a skin vial, Nike’s CryptoKicks, and an extra MNLTLH.

This project solidifies the sneaker giant’s goal of overtaking its metaverse competitors. Furthermore, it implies that the brand’s digital evolution roadmap is rapidly progressing.

Nike’s Acquisition of RTFKT

Nike’s Acquisition of RTFKT

CryptoKicks is Now Available on OpenSea as an NFT

CryptoKicks is being auctioned off as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the online marketplace OpenSea.

The digital sneakers are produced in limited supplies to drive enthusiasm among future buyers. Those who own CryptoKicks can equip their virtual avatars with these sneakers in the metaverse. 

Nike’s first NFT is based on the Dunk Genesis, the company’s most popular sneakers at present.

Users can also customize their digital sneakers and create a unique pair of Nike Dunk Genesis by using the skins created by RTFKT’s collaborators and artists. The platform’s first-ever collection of skins, EVO X, consists of eight Clone X-based skins designed for CryptoKicks. This collection will eventually change and improve the Nike Dunk Genesis, giving users special powers and drip upgrades in RTFKT’s world called Ecosystem.

In February, Nike and RTFKT unveiled another MNLTLH project – a digital metal box airdropped to PodX and CloneX holders. The MNLTLH could reward lucky holders with an all-in-one package that provides MNLTLH 2, Nike Dunk Genesis, and Skin Vial access. You can use these virtual wearables in the metaverse world by customizing your avatars with the skin vials. 

According to Nike, the MNLTH is part of the company’s efforts to serve athletes in the metaverse. The athletic apparel company also mentioned that it’s focused on possible ways to leverage blockchain technology to cater to its customers in the athletic apparel, equipment, and footwear industry. Nike is no longer new to the metaverse. In November 2021, the brand entered the immersive virtual world by collaborating with Roblox to create NIKELAND.

The fields and buildings inside Nike’s virtual world were inspired by the brand’s headquarters. NIKELAND has detailed arenas where users can compete in different mini-games. They can also play games like Dodgeball and Tag or customize their avatars using virtual Nike products. Nike acquired RTFKT soon after launching NIKELAND to support the brand’s metaverse goals.

Since Nike has NIKELAND, the digital sneakers could be featured in the virtual world’s digital showroom.

Each Pair of CryptoKicks Sells for $8500

The CryptoKicks is being traded on OpenSea for $8500. Initially, only the RTFKT community members with an NFT box had access to these digital sneakers. The NFT box contained the sneakers. Some of these sneakers are being sold for $6,000 to $10,000. Others are already selling their CryptoKicks for more than $100,000.
There’s also a Snapchat AR filter that you can use if you want to know what the sneakers look like when you wear them.
Should you decide to buy the CryptoKicks, you should bid only on the base sneakers and skin vials. According to RTFKT, bidders should avoid equipped sneakers as the blockchain can’t keep up with processing changes.

If you already own these sneakers, consider imposing terms on your CryptoKicks when you sell them. That way, you can earn passive royalties from your initial investment.